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Shadowplay Release: THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS 'Dead Machines Revolution!' ARTIST: THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS
TITLE: “Dead Machines' Revolution!”
FORMAT: CD, jewel case
STATUS: available
For sales in the territory of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine & Baltic States only


01. Dead-Cuckoo-Clock
02. Positive
03. 1001101:the weekend (dmr version)
04. Freedom Factories
05. Zombie Haut-Couture
06. Robot Child (A Song For Nina)
07. Sad Voices From The Inside Of A Rusty Rocket
08. London Bridge Is Falling Down
09. Machinen Friedhof
10. Revolution Of Sick Brains
11. Walking On Hands
12. Machine Of Calm
13. Thanx For Evolution!

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Following their successful "Alien Road" album, which catapulted The Last Days Of Jesus onto playlists and stages everywhere, frontrobotjoker mary0 and his companions announce the "Dead Machines' Revolution!" for 2007 - the highly anticipated new album!
Like no other band in contemporary Goth / Deathrock et al., these guys know how to combine the most diverse elements to a unique configuration of exciting neo-batcave-postpunk-goth and to keep up an ironic distance from both this stupid world and genre orthodoxies out there. At the same time, TLDOJ are fairly fidget-NEW-WAVE-influenced on this album, refer ironically to their spooky deathrock background and strengthen their reputation within the punk scene with straight pogo hymns - it's all there.
It's all there on their exceptionally well produced new album "Dead Machines' Revolution!" – fresh, funny and absolutely unique in their non-arbitrary diversity, stompers such as "Positive" or their instant-classic "Machine Of Calm" will boil clubs and live-venues everywhere, but also fans of the gloomy bizarre will find delight in "Robot Child", "Zombie Haut-Couture" or "Thankx for Evolution".

Order it through Shadowplay mailorder to get the free button with the TLDOJ logo! (for ex-USSR territories only)

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Eastern-European bands are increasingly active on the deathrock front. One of the more distinct products of this development is The Last Days of Jesus from Slovakia. They present a more campy side of deathrock, trading atmosphere for a kind of dark humor that works very well. Even after four albums they are still full of ideas, they certainly don't lack inspiration.
With an intro called "Dead-Cuckoo-Clock" the tone is set for the rest of the album. A burlesque stance characterizes Dead Machines Revolution. The uptempo "Positive" features razorsharp guitars and restless percussion, make way on the dancefloor for this ferocious track! With the herky-jerky, robotic tunes of "1001101:the weekend" The Last Days of Jesus can be described as a sort of deathrock version of DEVO. The galloping "Freedom Factories" contains a lot of energy, the guitars shriek, the drums scamper. The intro of "Zombie Haut-Couture" is one you'll never forget. 'Gimme some spooky organ, man' and a repeated request for an even more spooky organ sound until you hear some sort of Dracula/horror tune is so farcical that even the most serious batcavers will turn a smile on their face. Very entertaining! "Robot Child (A Song For Nina)" bears some resemblance to The Legendary Pink Dots. That is due to the narrative nature of the track and the morose, dark-humoured circus/carnival-like tunes. After all this experimentation and weirdness the more straightforward "Sad Voices From The Inside Of A Rusty Rocket" is a welcome interlude. "London Bridge is Falling Down" may not sound very innovative, the intensity of this track is mesmerizing. "Machinen Friedhof" is an edgy, somewhat mechanical track whereas "Revolution Of Sick Brains" sounds very raw and lo-fi. Excellent rock 'n' roll! Vocalist Mary0 the robotjoker sounds more restrained during "Walking On Hands", he doesn't need a ghoulish voice to sound piercing. "Machine of Calm" is very catchy and even poppy, the repetitive, upbeat synths do the trick. The somewhat goofy "Thanx for Evolution!" contains lyrics like 'genetic war and mental abortion'. You get the point. Dead Machines Revolution is another strong album by this unique four-piece from Bratislava. Their ironic, morbid lyrics and intelligent compositions form an cabaretesque style of deathrock. Batcave with a humorous edge.
Nightporter, Gothronic

The latest and by far their best release so far will take you on a rollercoaster deathrock ride, which is over too soon in 36 mins 21 seconds to be precise. So don't be shocked if this CD gets stuck in the CD player and refuses to leave! The CD opens with the apt intro Dead Cuckoo Clock before exploding into Positive will be an instant hit in any Goth/Deathrock club. A short sharp punch of punk infused Gothic rock which will leave you dazed! Even the dead will dance! 1001101 The Weekend (dmr version) captures perfectly the degradation of the rat race and it's effects on the creative soul who spends too much time on the mundane, instead of venting their creative side. "Living in a boring world / Working on your boring dreams / Living in a coffin!" will have you singing along. Love the choppy guitars. Freedom Factories classic LDOJ which puts them firmly in a distinct sound of their own. Zombie Haut-couture the ultimate spooky smash for the dance floor. Clever sing along lyrics the perfect Deathrock pop song! Robot Child ( A song for Nina) - a haunting avantgarde ditty. Sad Voices (from inside a rusty rocket) - the alien B movie is brought to life. London Bridge is falling down - a great song, possibily the best track on the album. The song musically and lyrically captures the sense of impending doom. The song could easily reflect the new age of the suicide bomber. Maschinen friedhof - deft keyboards clash with a refreshing guitar riff which is a classic in 80's post punk sound. Great song. Revolution of Sick Brains a pyschobilly slam dance which reminds me of early That Petrol Emotion which will bang a hole in the dancefloor! Walking on Hands - another clever lyric and deft deathrock musicianship. Machine of Calm a high octane song to ignite the dancefloor. Pogo! Thanks for Evolution - brings the album to a close in almost robotic sideshow outro. The album is must for anyone who loves deathrock. The album is a DJ's dream!
DJ De'Ath

The best thing to come out of Bratislava, The Last Days of Jesus return with a new album, and an evolved sound. Their last album Alien Road nestled safely between the caring arms of Goth, Deathrock and Dark Caberet, and was in a word: Fantastic. Does Dead Machines' Revolution follow in its footsteps?
The album opens with the chiming of a cuckoo clock. Not really a track, so we move straight into 'Positive' a punked up spookfest, about Aids. Last Day's distinctive vocals warble over a slightly more synth driven sound than the last album. Difficult subject, but this song is a hell of a lot of fun. '1001101: The Weekend (Dmr Version)' is carries this electronic sound forward running under the simple guitar driven structure of the song. If you are a fan of the New Dark Age series (and if you are not then become one) you will recognize this song about the mundaneness of most peoples lives. You know I think I prefer the new version. 'Freedom Factories' is a classic Last Day's track with a simple repetitive motif but the new synths are still there. Recognise the pattern yet? 'Zombie Haut-Couture' asks for spooky organ and the synths deliver. Disturbingly upbeat and nicely put together - 'life is a catwalk and you're acting depression', I can't decide if it is about Size 0 models or the scenesters at the goth night. 'Robot Child' has the caberet feel that Last Day's delight in. Again much more synth driven than their previous efforts.
"Sad Voices" loses the synth sound for a return of the piano, post-punk bassline breaking into punk chorus, a complex track and a step away from Last Day's catchier tunes, but may well be the best on the Album. 'London Bridge is falling Down' is a simpler Goth-Punk track which reminds me of Carter USM with real backing instruments. 'Maschinen Friedhof' strikes me as a broadly Deathrock track, with a rumbling early 80's bass line, and wait for it - there are those synths again! 'Revolution of Sick Brains' has a touch of gothabilly about, not as harsh as Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, but I detect the kind of faux American accent that goes with this type thing, a nice track but not very Last Days. 'Walking on Hands' is another more post-punk offering, I don't know why it made me think of country - but maybe that is what goth is; Post-Punk Country fusion? 'Machine of Calm' follows the post-punk direction, with a really nice bass line echoed by jangly guitar and a strong sense of progression up to the chorus. You know maybe the indie kids would like this one? 'Thanx For Evolution' sums Dead Machines' Revolution up with a simple Dark Caberet track.
Playing with synths is something lots of Indie Punk bands are exploring at the moment. Last Day's haven't gone as far as Frustration in experimentation, but you will have to decide about whether they have added to their sound in a postiive way. Despite being a 13 track piece, Dead Machines' Revolution has the feel of an EP about it. I know it has taken them a long time to come out with it, and have taken a few experimental steps, but Alien Road is such a fine album that this seems to be more a continuation of the musical themes that the first album delivered with such energy. On the bright side this suggests that Last Day's still have more to give, and the next album may well be thier ultimate masterpiece.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't buy the Dead Machines' Revolution. It is a good album. In fact, it is probably one of the best albums in it's genre out there. Go and buy it. But in 10 years time when you fancy a bit of Last Day's I bet Alien Road will be the one you pop into your vintage CD player.

I knew The Last Days Of Jesus because of their MCD "Narrentanz" released back in 1999. Since then I appreciated their attitude of taking the batcave/post punk sound and making it evolve into something personal and energetic. Since then I haven't the opportunity to check their releases until now. DEAD MACHINES' REVOLUTION! confirms my positive feeling I had back then as on this album we find Mary0 and friends performing 13 tracks of personal gothic rock where the theatrical vocal performance of Mary0 are well supported by the music of the band. Post punk, goth and new wave are revived by the quartet which along with their label mates Miguel & The Living Dead (I saw they live in Italy about a year ago) are doing a great job by breaking old cliches of goth by including also some r'n'r/rockabilly influences.
Maurizio Pustianaz, ChainDLK

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"Narrentanz" New Christian Music, 1999
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"Monsters Paranoia Circus" self-released, 2004
"Alien Road" Strobelight Records, 2004
"Animal Boy & Mechanical Toy" self-released, 2005
"Dead Machines' Revolution!" Strobelight Records, 2007

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