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Shadowplay Release: NECRO STELLAR 'White Tranquility. Russian Album' ARTIST: NECRO STELLAR
TITLE: White Tranquility. Russian Album
FORMAT: CD, jewel case
RELEASE DATE: 09.05.2007
STATUS: available


01. 1. Rassozdanie (part-1). Stalingrad
02. Leaving each moment, I remain forever. Remaining forever - I have stiffened in motionless movement (is devoted to guerrilla movement during the Second World War)
03. A Cuckoo in the Grove (on the Mannergame line)
04. A Way to the North (devoted to North assault operations of the Soviet Army)
05. Rassozdanie (part-2). I see the White Light.
06. The Pictures of the Russian Village (part-2). Flying farther away, dissolving in heavens...
07. Conversation of nothing (a cover the version song of Fangorn band)
08. The Pictures of Russian Village (part-3). The Forest Road
09. Birds fly on the South (a cover the version song of Staruha Mha band)
10. Vozneseniye
11. The White Tranquility (devoted to the gone)

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NECRO STELLAR devotes this album to the all dead within the Second World War. The feat of our ancestors, the memory of them and the new revival of their immortal spirit in ourselves - are inseparably connected. Respect for ancestors strengthens the invisible connection of generations, opening ways in the world. Our ancestors, their acts, their victories and defeats are personification of us. In this sense The White Tranquility represents an obelisk of memory and direct way in essence of our patrimonial ring, in the core of our sort filled with clemency and the inexpressible contents of spirit of the left ancestors.
Current degenerative tendencies of the western ideology try to cancel unprecedented universal heroism and a feat of brotherly Slavic people within the Second World War, trying to impose alien to our people pseudo-cultural and pseudo-cultural wealth. The one who, having despised tombs of the ancestors, sates the body and soul with a substitute of a masscult, - loses connection of generations, tramples on the spirit and becomes an essence without kith or kin.
Our ancestors say: leaving each moment - I remain forever. Remaining forever - I have stiffened in motionless movement. We shall remember that we are the great nation living on the great land.
We are to create the future.

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Russians losses during World War 2 were just under 21 million, roughly forty times that of America and fifty times that of the UK. Given that possibly the same again happened in terms of political deaths under Stalin, and half that under Lenin its amazing anyone survived. So a formidable spirit is required among the people to survive either the Nazi onslaught and crushing dictatorial madness within, alongside the wide-ranging and quite overpowering landscapes. It hasnt been easy being Russian, I think we can safely say, so its no wonder that the traditional classical music has reflected that with a grand melancholy power. It is only to be expected, therefore, that modern music also has an element of the pain and pride embedded in it. Necro Stellar, one of the finest new Russian bands, have made this album to commemorate their forefathers and al that they went through during the War with its abiding legacy, but as the idea is the past informs the future its pretty modern and bubbly.
Rassozdanie (Part-1) Stalingrad has a capering beat, swirling synth and crunchy rhythm, the dark, sternly vocals marching through the spacey sounds, which is relentless in its jaunty pace and typically catchy, moving into a slower, rasping end section, with the word Stalingrad a hoarse scream. Leaving Each Moment, I Remain Forever. Remaining Forever - I Have Stiffened In Motionless Movement is devoted to resistance fighters and starts with slow acoustic beneath German language, then another golden melody emerges with pounding techno-pop sensibilities and a subtle simple singalong, including whistling!
A Cuckoo In The Grove (On The Mannergame Line) is sweeter and more traditional, but still bobbling along with power, just as A Way to the North is crunchier and twirling like an espionage-laden thrill. Rassozdanie (part-2) I See The White Light seethes and sighs beautifully with choppy energy dovetailing into charming distant female vocals as it fades. The Pictures of the Russian Village (Part-2). Flying Farther Away, Dissolving In Heavens... finds a sturdy, somewhat turgid flow with high female vocals and Conversation Of Nothing (a cover of a Fangorn song) is calmer, drifting almost serenely.
The Pictures of Russian Village (part-3). The Forest Road has ambient atmospheres, Birds Fly On The South (a Staruha Mha cover, whoever they are) is like tough ethereal pop, full and growing progressively darker and moody with engaging squidgy sounds stitched in. The brief Vozneseniye is sensible and passionate, straight ahead and enigmatic, and a diognified, funeral The White Tranquility which is devoted to the gone ends things calmly.
Its a very dignified record, as youd expect, without their more usual charismatic surges, and it helps knowing why its been done before sinking into it, but its top quality stuff yet again.
Mick Mercer

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"Black Bottom" self-released, 1993-94 (Tape) limited edition
"The Rill beneath the Ice" self-released, 1996 (Tape)
"Glacier" 1999 (Live in "Tochka" CD-R Release)
"Ice Server" 2000 (Live CD-R Release)
"Dlo Kwala Manyan" limited edition CD-R release, 2003
"Saturating Cemetery" Shadowplay Release, 2005
"Pulsing Zero" Shadowplay Release, 2006
"White Tranquility. Russian album" Shadowplay Release, 2007

Compilation appearances:
V/A "Colours of Black: Russian dark scene Compilation" track: "Mange Morts" Shadowplay Release, 2004
Moon Far Away "Lado World \ Anti - Lado World" (cover version: "Krug-Koltso" [free cover version]) Shadowplay Release, 2005
V/A "Shadowside" track: "Ori Egun" Shadowplay Release, 2006
V/A "Colours of Black: Russian dark scene Compilation vol.2" track: "Only Moon" Shadowplay Release, 2006
V/A "Hatyn: Tacet, Sed Loquitur" track: "Stay And Burn" Stigmata, 2006

SHADOWPLAY RECORDS - NECRO STELLAR White Tranquility. Russian Album
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