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Shadowplay Release: IN THE NURSERY 'Cause + Effect' ARTIST: IN THE NURSERY
TITLE: “Cause + Effect”
FORMAT: CD, jewel case
STATUS: available
For sales in the territory of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine & Baltic States only


01. A Rebours [against nature] - Flesh Field
02. Angelorum [fifth angel] - Faith & The Muse
03. Love Will Tear Us Apart [again] - In The Nursery
04. Belle Epoque [interpretation] - Chandeen
05. Corruption [sister & brother] - And Also The Trees
06. Miracle Road [do you remember?] - Steve Bennett
07. Hymn Noir [robotweak] - Assemblage 23
08. And Your Eyes [and your soul] - a_robot
09. To The Faithful [in remembrance] - Attrition
10. El Secreto [it] - Ivan Iusco
11. L'esprit [angeldustrial] - Haujobb
12. Chronicle [retold] - Electronium
13. Caprice [levity] - Seize

Order In The Nursery "Cause + Effect"
Order In The Nursery "Era"

"We are never aware of a cause in the creative process until it becomes an effect."
A unique collection of specially commissioned and exclusive remixes of material from throughout In The Nursery's 20 year back catalogue. Contributing artists include - Faith & The Muse, Attrition, Assemblage 23, And Also The Trees, Chandeen, Haujobb, Electronium, Flesh Field, Ivan Iusco & Seize. 'Cause + Effect' is intended to highlight the interactive, inspirational and motivating nature of music. IN THE NURSERY include their own special interpretation of the classic Joy Division track 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'.

Order In The Nursery "Cause + Effect"
Order In The Nursery "Era"


Flesh Field (Ian Ross)
"The reasons I decided to remix ITN's classic track 'A Rebours' were due mainly to the epic orchestral intro. I wanted to take their use of orchestra and blend it with our own style, as well as with our more electronic based elements.
I felt the track had mass club potential if a steady and more prominent beat were added in combination with the cinematic feeling it already possessed. Through the distinct fusion of both of our artistic approaches, I hoped to take 'A Rebours' to a new level almost soundtrack in nature and feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the remix and thank ITN for the great opportunity."

Faith & The Muse (William Faith)
"I was honoured to be asked along for this project, as I've loved and respected ITN's work for many years.
'Angelorum' was the perfect song for me to remix; I felt right at home with their arrangement and orchestration, but saw space for additional beat and percussion elements, and I feel the addition of Monica's vocal contribution definitely sealed our mark on it. I think the remix represents a meeting of our two worlds, and I am pleased to have documented it."

Chandeen (Harald Lцwy)
"I think one of the reasons I always liked this song is the great composition and the epic style. My intention was to maintain the atmosphere and emphasize some of its beauty."

And Also the Trees (Justin Jones)
"AATT folk will be suprised and pleased to hear the resurrection of the mandolin guitar style I haven't used for nearly a decade - I got death threats when I abandoned this style. I used it here mainly because it was sympathetic with the track but also I took 'Duality' on tour with me after the first tour ITN and AATT did together in 1992 and listened to "Corruption" on headphones before we went on stage. At the time I used a lot of this style guitar on the album we were touring - 'Green is the Sea'."

Assemblage 23 (Tom Shear)
"I wanted to take this in a much different direction than the original, so in contrast to the bombastic, swelling orchestral sounds, I opted for a sparser, more ambient feel."

a_robot (Alejandro Prieto)
"This 're-make' is almost a song by itself - more than just based on the original, I see it like a kind of 'response' to it. Since the beginning I've seen this project as my return to music creation, the other activity that makes up my life besides architecture. So this is the 'Cause & Effect' that In The Nursery has created on my project."

Haujobb (Daniel Myer)
"I just uploaded my remix. It`s a bit crunchy, maybe because I am in construction city Boston right now - pretty industrial"

Electronium (Mike Brown)
"My first exposure to ITN was around 1984 or '85. I had just come back from a year in Europe & a friend of mine had this compilation LP titled, 'From Torture to Conscience'. After hearing those tracks, I picked up any ITN release I could find over the next couple of years.
When presented with the opportunity to remix an ITN track, I was both honoured and ecstatic about the possibilities. With such a monumental catalog of releases, it was somewhat difficult to pick a track to work on. Ultimately, I chose 'Chronicle', specifically because of a few elements in the song, which I had some ideas about.
After reading (& crudely translating) the lyrics, I wanted to create an atmosphere that reflected the tension & underlying imminent danger, which Dolores Margarite C. alludes to... but perhaps to more of an extreme.
Nearly all of the sonic elements in the remix are derived from the sounds within the original track. One exception being the eerie, theremin-like sound at the end, which was performed on my Hewlett-Packard model 205AG signal generator. This piece of equipment was used as the sound source for the RCA MkII synthesizer at Columbia-Princeton University, which was built in the 1950s. It's one of my favourite pieces of gear & I used to play it at live shows with my band, Cafe Noire, during the '80s."
Seize (Sandrine Gouriou)
"We are very pleased to know that you all like the remix, it was a great challenge for us, had lots of fun doing and can't wait to hear them all.
The style of the remix is (if we need to label it) Breakbeat, mid-way between Two-steps and Drum and bass, we've been listening to a lot of different style since we've been making music, but we adore drum and bass loops!!"

Order In The Nursery "Cause + Effect"
Order In The Nursery "Era"


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