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Shadowplay Release: V/A 'A KISS IN THE REPTILE HOUSE' (gothic rock compilation) ARTIST: V/A
FORMAT: CD, jewel case
STATUS: in stock


01. THE WAY OF ALL FLESH "Final Resolve"
02. SIELA "Salvadoro Dali"
03. THE HOUSE OF USHER "The Floor She Walked Upon (gothic edit)" *
04. PINK TURNS BLUE "Good Times"
07. 1919 "Wolf"
08. FUNHOUSE "So Cold Without You"
09. SECRECY "Secrecy"
10. MYSTIGMA "Universal Surrender"
11. GOLDEN APES "Remedy"
12. CHILDREN OF THE GUN "Insanity" *
13. THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS "Freedom Factories" *
14. KISS THE BLADE "Gone Again"
15. HUMAN DISEASE "Petals pt.II" *
16. AUTUMN "Before And After" *
17. TWO WITCHES "Spirit Sacrifice (acoustic version)" *
* - previously unreleased / exclusive version

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A lot of water has flowed since birth of famous and well-known "A Kiss in A Dreamhouse" by Siouxsie and The Banshees and "The Reptile House E.P." by Sisters. From that time Goth has formed into a full subculture with clubs, fests, mass-media and major-labels, Britain has lost its status as a centre of movement and gothic subculture has spread worldwide revealing most unexpected displays. Music has changed as well drifting form one style to another but yet with one permanent binding element for whole subculture and make no mistake this element is Gothic Rock. Some of its founders are still popular some of them just trying to keep steady due to former glory but fact is a fact and young, impudent bands fighting their way to fame performing unusual combinations and amazing results. Gothic Rock has got extrinsical lines since then but nevertheless has its own basis mixed on a heritage of 80-s - some kind of A kiss in The Reptile House. This compilation consists of bands from different countries and various periods of Gothic Rock, but all of them were successful in unusual understanding of imperishable things.


This Sheffield band was formed in the middle 90-s. Driven by the impression of early gothic rock these long-haired youngsters began their way playing Sisters covers at student parties and as many others by mastering their art in garage rehearsals. Eventually they have become a constant band with their own material to perform and more common for goth-bands list of live-shows to play not only in Sheffield. Quite usual history for the band you say, but the energy of guitar sound, emotional and pure vocals and overall drive distinguish them from many of such type. And probably that is the reason because brith-goth from TWOAF sounds maybe even more relevant than 10-15 years ago. Unashamed Gothic Rock!

Meet Lithuanian gothic-scene pioneers, raised in 1990 - Siela. At the moment this group is popular enough not only in post-Soviet countries regarding to participation in many compilations and leading gothic fests in Europe. Siela combines a heritage of European gothic rock and the Lithuanian folk-melodies, guitar sound and electronics, English and Lithuanian lyrics, all that gives to their music original background and tunefulness, and also allows to balance confidently between West and East. Track taken to this compilation from the last album "Dali" released by Dangus Records.

Being under a charm of E.A. Poe`s short story "The Fall of the House of Usher" in the year of 1990 Jorg Kleudgen and Markus Pick have decided to found a group. 16 years have past since then and we can say that for the German Gothic "The House of Usher" is such important as the Poe`s story for the literature art. In 2002 they have been given a status of "last German gothic rock band" by press. And after almost three-year break they have put one more huge stone in a gothic rock building - outstanding new album "Radio Cornwall" which is settled down in a play-list of gothic rock fans all over the world. On this compilation a special edition of a track from this album is presented - The Floor She Walked Upon (gothic edit).

Appeared in 1985 in Berlin Pink Turns Blue presented on their first EP "If Two Worlds Kiss" gloomy dark wave / post punk with strong use of synths and as a result they allowed critics to write about them as the pioneers of arisen, at that time, dark wave. But in 1995 they split up notwithstanding the fact that a lot of hits were recorded. Band became a part of a history, its members more often mentioned in other projects. However in 2003 they reformed to appear on a few festivals. "Re-Union" best of release and new album "Phoenix" (song from this album presented on this compilation) is a result of a live shows great success which helped them to return former popularity.

DoppelgangeR is one of the most famous and oldest gothic bands in Russia. The band revives the traditions of old school gothic rock and post punk, set by such bands as Joy Division and Siouxsie and The Banshees. Expressive vocal, atmospheric guitar, bass which cuts through like a sharp glass, and wild drums drive the audience from rage to tears and back. Founded in 1994 in Moscow and went through numerous line-ups DoppelgangeR is carefully lead by its front man and bassist Dmitry 'Flo'. Along with BlackCaT on guitar and TheMaggoth on drums, this trio appears as a solid example of gothic rock revival.

Redemption redeems the goth rock tradition started by the Sisters of Mercy and Mission UK. The deep vocals, hard guitars, and swirling synths over an electronic beat have already infected dance floors and radio worldwide. Their emotionally powerful ballads can bring the listeners to tears. Goth historian and music reviewer Mick Mercer names Redemption as "one of the best guitar Goth bands around".
Formed in 1996 and surviving many lineup changes, Redemption is driven by the vision of front man and guitarist Miah. Joined by Ashe on guitar and Jesse on bass, the trio is poised to lead the gothic rock revival. By the way they are experimenting with live drummer and synth lines at the moment.

1919 (UK)
One of the most interesting groups of early Goth which is still remains unknown for the masses. But the late John Peel put an eye on this band and it cost much. Powerful, insane, noisy and uncompromising 1919 could give a competition to a Killing Joke if they wanted. Unfortunately they have split up in 1984 however their recordings have passed the time test and became still actual curiosities in contrast to many others.
1919 is one more resurrection-like band - in 2005 Mark Tighe revived band with other members. Group presented on the new "Dark Temple" EP is completely different and appears to be not only a modern, multilevel but savage and frightening as 20 years ago.

Here is the first step in this history - four Swedish punks formed a band in 1986. Then seven years of popularity gaining and live shows thus first album released only in 1993. At the same time they obtain personal epic pop style known as "goth`n`roll". Thanks to next album, full of love, trust and betrayal, they have become popular all over the Europe. According to front man Mike all lyrics based on personal experience. All pain, disappointment and one-way love poured out into beautiful melodies and lyrics make sure about this by listening to presented track from new album "Flames of Love".

This Portuguese group is young enough and exists since 2001 but the debut album "Beneath The Lies" has shown group from the best side. Professionalism, dense rhythmic basis, melody and deep heartfelt vocals forced press to assess album. By the way they do not deny or feel shy about some metal background in their music but it is better to say "gothic rock" with an accent on "rock". Feel free to solve this riddle yourself by listening to presented track.

This band first appeared under the name Tears of Mystigma in 2000. For the wider group of listeners they are known as Mystigma because of their album "Universal Surrender" released by Equinoxe Records. Group is trying to stay out of any precise stylistic definitions, and positioning themselves as "dark rock" band. Strong emotional contact with the listener achieved owing to combination of the expressive lyrics, memorized vocals, modern alternative structures and gothic moods. First track from their last album featured in this compilation.

Initially organized as trio in 1998. In spite of completely mature-looking gothic movement at this time newcomers achieved their unique so-called "innovative gothic rock" style by mixing early gothic guitars and bass, late gothic rush, synths and sensuality as well as dark wave's melancholy and romanticism. First two albums found excellent response among the critics, more to go their success were strengthening by third album recorded with Sven Wolff who joined the band in 2001 (Peer Lebrecht at his turn in 2003 became a vocalist in Dust of Basement).
But even greater popularity has come to band after release "Structures [The Inner Scars]", which is produced by Hardy Fieting from Scream Silence. Track from this album represents group on this compilation.

Children Of The Gun appeared as duet in 2002. The project was conceived as "orthodox gothic rock" and at the same time positively accepted by public particularly there were no such style like bands on Russian scene.
Later different transformations have occurred with Children Of The Gun: musicians from Lacklustre Mirror joined the group and "alive" drummer joined as well. Certainly lineup changes affected music - it became softer, someway more complicated, accents moved from "Goth" to "Rock". Anyway whatever the musicians say it is still gothic rock.

Perhaps one of the most unusual European bands with the spirit of early 80's Goth and modern gothic-structures and as a result of such devastating combination something totally new was born far from typical nowadays gothsters. Almost 13 years of history but they can't get enough and sharpening their teeth from year to year. The lyrics are multi-layered, implied sense in almost every phrase, their songs like small revolutions, filled with protest against insincerity, duplicities and indifference of a modern society. Honesty, uncompromisingness, sarcasm and irony gasp your spirit. Live shows are similar to powder warehouse explosion. You never know what would it be. Exclusive track "Freedom Factories" was specially recorded for this compilation.

Named by the line from one of the Sisters of Mercy songs and initially revealed in the beginning of 90-s this band has got a certain popularity among gothic-rock audience. No doubt musical roots of group lay on a surface, but the respect to traditions have never been transformed to hero-worshipping. Kiss The Blade is one of such bands which support classics of a genre by brining a jet of a new blood. Since 2003 the group has taken long-term vacation, leader, Paul Cuska, has concentrated on work at Strobelight Records, however, according to his assurances this temporary calm doesn't mean Kiss The Blade's funeral.

Human Disease was formed in 1997 as a side-project of cult Chants of Maldoror and quickly enough proved its independence. Debut demo has found the place in hearts of deathrock devotees as for their part in official tribute to Rozz Williams - this step became an ultimate pass to a global deathrock scene. The debut album "Our Flesh Deception" reflected enormous potential of a band. Unlike many modern bands Human Disease makes an emphasis not so much on drive but on emotional background and figurativeness, covering their sound with theatricality. Together with the refined lyrics, full of despair and damaging sensuality, it makes group worthy continuers of Christian Death. Exclusive track "Petals part II" on this compilation can be found.

Originally organized as duet they started with The Cure cover-versions in 1989. With time own material presented but the searching of constant vocalist seems to be endless until Julie Plante took that role in one of the shows forced Autumn to shine in all force. Debut "Hating Tree", produced by William Faith, showed atmospheric beauty of ethereal with densely enveloping powerful rock basis. Music exudes with sorrow and uncontrollable energy strengthened by a crystal operatic vocal (it is surprising but despite of music education Julie did not sing before Autumn). Sad but since "Return to The Breath" Autumn kept silence. For this compilation they've recorded a brand new track.

Oh, this one is the oldest of Finnish gothic rock bands, Two Witches became some kind of a smithy of the staff for many groups from both Finland and Germany by the way its leader, Jyrki Witch, is a "godfather of the Finnish gothic" by right so be careful. Despite of they are using modern lines of a dark scene, this band invariable keeps its way of classical goth rock chosen almost 20 years ago. And it is still relevant in their performance positive reviews in press as a proof. At present group working on new material and taking part in different live shows besides the work in other projects. Special acoustic track represents group on this compilation.

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