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Shadowplay Release: V/A 'INFLUENCE' (ethereal, neo folk, romantic dark wave compilation) ARTIST: V/A
FORMAT: CD, jewel case
STATUS: in stock


01. MOON FAR AWAY "Deus Amet Puellam"
03. DONIS "There's A Stone On The Coast"
04. DAEMONIA NYMPHE "Tyrvasia - Nymphs Of The Seagod Nerus" (VON NYMPH remix)
05. TEMPUS FUGIT "Hopes and Pride"
07. CHIRLEISON "Bagliori"
09. ETHODIUS "Outside Of Church II"
10. ATARAXIA "Mirsilo"
12. JACK OR JIVE "Mirage"
13. DANDELION WINE "Muscle Memory"
14. ENDRAUM "Movement"

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Every fall, the air becomes transparent and humid, and because of that everything around seems to be trembling and floating, and each one of us, somewhere afar, can feel that sound. The sound that makes us want to run away from ourselves and then come back. That's the sound of the haunting voices of the fading nature, whispering to us that it is fading, slowly and nobly, and calling us to follow after her, coating us with thousands of haunting voices. And all those sounds dissolve within us, they resound in us, and with all our being we begin to feel the INFLUENCE of nature's autumnal sorrow and boredom over itself.
Romantic darkwave and ethereal have become very popular among domestic underground audience practically from the moment of it's foundation. And it is difficult to say why. May be thanks to the romantic, tragic and the beauty of the music that are very appreciated by Russians and may be thanks to the disposition of the people who formed such style to the experiments and unavailability to understanding of their music:. But we could say with the assurance that being such popular this style of the music is elite in some way.
At the very beginning of the genre foundation almost all bands had it's own face and style. But in the course of time there were more and more imitators and it's find really difficult to find something that could draw attention.
This compilation includes the most interesting to our opinion representatives of these genres on the modern scene. Among them are the bands that have been at the origin and very young projects: Ataraxia (It), Chirleison (It), Corde Oblique (It), Daemonia Nymphe (Gr), Dandelion Wine (Aus), Donis (Lt), Endraum (Ger), Ethodius (US), Jack or Jive (Jp), Lacklustre Mirror (Ru), Moon Far Away (Ru), The Moon & the Night Spirit (Hu), Seventh Harmonic (UK), Tempus Fugit (Fr)

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Moon Far Away By right acknowledged legends of the Russian dark scene, from the very north of Russia whose releases have awarded the project the title of the first domestic gothic band. They finely balance between the traditional ethereal and neofolk, carrying the bright coloring of the Russian national culture and mysterious rituals. The last release of the project published at the same time on Prikosnovenie Records and on Shadowplay, in Russia, has expanded the geography of this unforgettable and unusual project's fans even wider. In this compilation, you will find the band's latest composition exclusively recorded for this compilation. The track is devoted to EAS.

The Moon & the Night Spirit. Hungarian duet born in 2003, a year after the EP promo appeared, and has won the recognition all over Europe instantly. The pagan mythology motives and Hungarian folk have inspired the team's creative work. The enchanting female vocal, enveloping tunes of flutes, violins, wooden wind instruments and acoustic guitar make the sound of the traditional folk amazingly atmospheric. This compilation includes a famous composition from the band's debuting album OF DREAMS FORGOTTEN AND FABLES UNTOLD, released in Equilibrium Music in 2005.

Daemonia Nymphe. Greek band organized in 1994; probably one of the most unordinary folk bands. Their creative work has adsorbed the echoes of the most ancient civilization; particularly because the musicians try to reproduce the sound of ancient instruments, the major portion of lyrics is founded on the myths of the Antique Greece, and the style has become known as theatrical. The team has become the Greece's first band released in the French label, Prikosnovenie. The band's biography includes partnership with other bands, such as Louisa John Krol , Francesco Banchini (Gor, Ataraxia). "Daemonia Nymphe Remixed" was released in 2005 in the Italian label, Palace of Worms. This compilation includes a composition from that album.

Donis. By chance, they may be the most noticeable project on the Baltic's dark scene. Donis comes from the "pagan heart of Europe", Lithuania, the place where the traditions are still solid. The project is known for its partnership with various Baltic musicians working in the direction of ambient, ethereal and, of course, folklore, Donis' major creative area. The brand new solo, Bite Lingo, is a fine neo folk composition in the setting of modern arrangements, which stands upon the foundation of Lithuanian historic war songs. This is very peculiar, memorable music of the edge of amber and granite, which you will not confuse with anything else. This compilation presents a composition from this excellent by its beauty album.

Tempus Fugit is the very heart of the lyrics of this French band, which literally means the transience of time and being. The deep, strong, melancholic female vocal, thick enveloping and cold sound of guitars, hard rhythm section set one to the philosophical mood. The group has begun its living thanks to the black metal group TRYOXYN, born in 2001, whose creative work has been influenced by such veterans of the dark scene as Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, and also Hocico, Die Form, In The Nursery, Velvet Acid Christ. This incompatible at first sight combination has put tremendous effect to TRYOXYN's offspring, Tempus Fugit. This compilation has the band's composition from Tempus Fugit Demo EP.

Seventh Harmonic. This English female project is incredibly interesting even by the fact that it has shown itself in the gothic ambient genre. The band's creative work is by much inspired by such venerable bands as Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins. Mick Mercer has called Seventh Harmonic's sound mystical; and that is not an amazing thing - for all of the band's compositions are filled with both Celtic motives and melancholic tunes of strings, plus the digital sound coating you with cold. At the same time, the warm, emotional female vocal with its warm waves puts you to the atmosphere of paganism, mystics, and mystery. Here you are going to find a thing from their last album.

Chirleison. This young but incredibly talented Italian band has won the well-deserved recognition for their debut album, "A Whisper", released by The Fossil Dungeon. The band's creative work has absorbed the spirit of the antique Italy, its atmosphere and coloring. Perhaps, romantic neo-folk would be the identification that most precisely reflects the heart of Chirleison's creative work. Although we wouldn't want to put a stamp on such an atmospheric, melancholic, bright sound that the musicians are able to achieve. This comes not only out of the deep and feminine vocal but also from the sound of the acoustic guitar, keyboard, and all other that makes Chirleison's style so unique. This compilation includes the band's exclusive track.

Lacklustre Mirror. This brilliant team represents a new wave of the Russian neo classic-ethereal genre. The group's creative work is a very specific combination of neoclassic, ethereal, darkwave, and rock, still with the major deviation toward the "neoclassic" sound. Their music is soaked in some over-being cold and with absolutely human grief along with that, and these two components constantly expostulate between one another, finally letting the listener decide, which one is more essential for him- Having passed the sequence of difficulties that followed after the group from the very creation of it in 1998, they are preparing for the release of their first official album. This compilation presents a composition that has never been played before.

Ethodius. One of possible interpretations of the name of this American band is the middle-aged name that sounds as E-thod-i-us. In spite of music critics defining the band's style as Dark Ambient, the musicians rather define it as Ambient or Experimental Music, including ethereal and ambient synth. As the band leader admits, through the language of music Ethodius is trying to pass on and make a reality of the sounds of earth and all living creatures on it. This compilation presents the composition saturated with piano passages, melancholic and deep, that would put you to the philosophical mood, just like all other compositions of Ethodius would do.

Ataraxia. There is no need to introduce this cult Italian band presented in this compilation with their composition from "Arcana Eco" to lovers of the ethereal style. The band has won wide recognition after the release of their album Historiae by Cold Meat Industry in 1998. Ataraxia's arts has won the affection of folk-ambient lovers at once. The spirit of Middle Ages, the feeling of different time and space - that is what the group's music breathes. As the musicians confess, "Sometimes we feel ourselves as bridges between the cultures of the ancient Mediterraneans and Celts. We are the citizens of the world that bear physical and spiritual signs of different cultures and ideologies". Those who has not yet touched the artistic work of Ataraxia now have a great chance to feel themselves in the power of this Mediterranean wonder.

Corde Oblique. This compilation includes a composition from the "Respiri" album, released by Ark Records. "Respiri" is a folk-ethereal-ethnic album recorded by a composer and guitarist Riccardo Prencipe, who has named the band of musicians who had worked on this album Corde Oblique. Riccardo Prencipe is known to lovers of such music for his project Lupercalia. The sound of Corde Oblique somewhat reminds such projects as Lupercalia, Sopor aeternus, Argine, Ashram, Dead can Dance... Amazingly delicate, heartfelt female vocal, the sound of acoustic guitar, and high level of proficiency of musicians working on this project, which combines the most different directions of ethereal and at the same time finds harmony in the realization of "Respiri", will not leave admirers of this genre indifferent to it.

Jack Or Jive. A Japanese band that has launched its creative career way back in 1989! This duet, for the 16 years of its existence, has suffered numerous creative transformations, mainly within ambient and experimental music. For the unordinary sound, the band has become wide known all over the world. Their sound is often compared with such cult group as Cocteau Twins. It is worth noticing that the creative work or Jack Or Jive does not lack political coloring; the lyrics subject, for instance, touches such global events as the war in Iraq… Pretty much all of the last releases were published by Prikosnovenie Records. For this compilation, the band has recorded an exclusive track, which will surely please all fans of Jack Or Jive's art with its deep, wide-range vocal of the duet's vocalist Chako, bright melody and ambient in the interpretation of Jack Or Jive, not lacking the national coloring.

Dandelion Wine. The Australian duet has won wide recognition not only at their homeland but also throughout all Europe after several concert tours. The non-standard vision of the ethereal direction allows expanding the range of the genre where the team labors and gaining the status of ethereal post-dreampop band. Dandelion Wine create the world where, ages interlace, and the middle-aged instruments make a pretty nice harmony with the digital sound. The divine, heartfelt vocal of Naomi Henderson, removing all edges of the reality, the sound of middle-aged instruments and acoustic guitar - that's the aroma of the "wine" that the participants of the Dandelion Wine project are going to bring to their admirers.

Endraum. This band has shown itself as one of the most significant figures of German romantic dark-wave. The band's style is so unique and distinctive that musical critics even have hard times describing it. The only thing can be said for sure is that Endraum's creative work has definitely been affected by such cult band as Joy Division. This compilation introduces the group's exclusive track "Movement" - thing unusually heartfelt and sensible. The deep and soft men's vocal with digital sound on the background captivate and literally hypnotize you.

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SHADOWPLAY RECORDS - V/A INFLUENCE (ethereal, neo folk, romantic dark wave compilation)
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