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Shadowplay Release: MOON FAR AWAY 'Belovodie' ARTIST: MOON FAR AWAY
FORMAT: CD, jewel, slip-case
RELEASE DATE: 27.04.2005
STATUS: in stock
For sales in the territory of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine & Baltic States only


01. Na Zore (At Dawn)
02. Sobiraetse Liubeznoy (The Beloved Is Fitting Out)
03. Zhito Zhala (Cropped Grain)
04. Zvetiki (Flowerets)
05. Ne Veli Vetry (Winds Did Not Blow)
06. Volna Shumit (The Wave Makes A Sound)
07. Ekoy Vania (What Vania)
08. Iz-za Gor (From Behind The Mountains)
09. Smert (Death)
10. Ty Vzoidi Krasno Solnyshko (Arise, You Red Sun)
bonus track (Russian edition only):
11. Krug-Koltso (Circle The Ring)

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Moon Far Away is the band whose debut album "Lado World" was with the single heart recognized as the first true gothic release in Russia. In 11 years of they existence this Arkhangelsk ritual darkwave \ neo-folk project became the cult one on a Russian dark scene and became very popular abroad. The tracks of the band were presented both in Russian and foreign compilations of the dark scene. The musical press gives excellent reviews on all Moon Far Away creations. You can find picture of the band as the centerfold in German magazine Zillo. Japanese director Susei Nisi made a film that is devoted to the Moon Far Away
Belovodie is the first studio disk in last five years and the third full-frame studio album in the history of the band. Like previous releases of Moon Far Away Belovodie has it's own concept. From the very beginning the band underlines in different ways the ritual component in it's creative work and it's closeness to ancient traditions. And at the same time journalists were asked by the question - why does the band ignore in it's creative work the Russian north tradition theme that is the subject of interest of the musicians? So that is the moment! The new album almost all consists of folk songs of the Arkhangelsk state in original arrangement of Moon Far Away.
For the first time the release date in Russia coincides with the official release date abroad. The release in USA and Europe is realized by French label Prikosnovenie. On the territory of the ex-USSR states the new disk of the band is released by the label Shadowplay Release with the additional new track which is absent in foreign version. By the agreement with the band European and Russian versions have different sleeve-design that could be the reason for troubles for true collectors.

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Yesterday we had Gothic Rock courtesy of Elusive, who take preposterous lyrical daydreams, of a traditional kind that we have all encouraged, and turn them into placid beauty. Today we have a highly regarded, enigmatic duo who have supplanted their own inventive blend of Goth and Ethereal with a desire to highlight traditional songs of the Arkangelsk region of Russia from their own perspective, without doing anything that could be regarded as beautiful but something touching, and more imaginative that plain realism. Somehow moved by this region they have been collecting songs for several years, and it makes for an interesting encounter, which is never boring, but never rhapsodic. Its audience is understandably restricted by being sung in Russian, because for the rest of us there is little in the music to differentiate between this and similar traditional folk forms which hark back to medieval times. It could be Russian, Czech or Rumanian: we have no way of telling why some songs may be special, or linked.
It is to their credit that they havent, until the final track, tried to bend the music to fit their whims. They have sunk themselves into creating a fitting mood, and it has a bitter charm which isnt, thankfully, as bleak as the imagery used through the CD booklet, which threatens you with something totally doomed. This is reflective music, bordering on solemn and from At Dawn onwards the pipes or keyboards make catchy moves behind the mild vocals, and the medieval shapes are something you might find on Fossil Dungeon.
The Beloved Is Fitting Out has a more modern, rolling ethereal feel with pleasant vocals and acoustic guitar, Cropped Grain is a lovely, enclosed piece, allowing fleeting touches of drums, guitar and synth to feature in a serious mood piece, which is far more interesting that any rustic neo-folk, and Flowerets with its churchy organ and weird wind instrument replicating birdcall has a lilting vocal to keep things lively. The Wave Makes A Sound shows to revitalise the traditional so that the past isnt chronically dour, and Winds Did Not Blow has ambient modernity tempered by hushed vocals and steamy hissing synth.
What Varnia is lively again, but as with From Behind The Mountains with plonking piano and bouncy drums, I notice how less mood equals less impact, because the basic nature of these musical forms can render them identikit. Death is far more serious, as you might expect, with a sample of an actual funeral service, and Arise You Red Sun drifts away with a delicate tension. Finally, they bring out Circle The Ring as though a day, or life, has been completed, and here they are naturally far more stirring because its a purely modern tribute, and cascade
This is not a sensational record, because theyre not being sensationalist. Theyre being respectful, and it is a more than respectable work as a result. They have a clear, winning, ability to make much of what is traditional and make it accessible and interesting because of their own skill and knowledge of texture and space. That ability doesnt translate to Goth itself, or similar independent styles, because theyre almost bringing us a musical corpse to examine. To get the most out of this youre going to have to work to get used to it, and I think that is only fitting. Anything else would simply be cultural tourism.
Mick Mercer

Belovodie means 'white-water land', according to the promo notes on the CD sleeve, Moon Far Away play beautiful heavenly music inspired by the Northern Russian folklore. They use traditional instruments ...arranged with electronics. This really is an impressive CD, some absolutely divine material here, molding traditional songs from north west Russia with dramatic, male and female vocals, with some modern day Goth influence. Moon Far Away stand in relation to the culture of north west Russia in the same manner as Argine and Ataraxia build on the heritage of their native northern Italy. They also have the talent to select melodic pieces which have a wider appeal. Recommended.
Mike Shankland (Darklife fanzine, Germany, #10)

Forming ten years ago in Russia, Moon Far Away released their first album "Lado World" in 1997 and it has been recognized as the first gothic Russian release. "Belovodie" is their first album since the "Sator" album, released back in 2000. Their music is deeply influenced by the classic Russian folk music (the band also use some traditional instruments) but the band decided to blend the traditional sounds with electronic moments and with a darker atmosphere. In this way tracks like the opening "Na zore", "Zhito zhala" or "Volna shumit" are more influenced by new wave and gothic music while "Sobiraetse liubeznoy", "Iz-za gor", "Ekoy vania" or the following "Zvetiki" sound more folk and traditional. The effect created by this alternance of modern and traditional melodies is interesting and evidence that mixing different ideas is always a good thing. The forty six minutes of the album create a sort of ritualistic atmosphere that blend tension and calmness at the same time. The album has been released also by Shadowplay for the Soviet countries and it contains an extra track.
Maurizio Pustianaz (CHAIN D.L.K. magazine, Italy)

'Belovodie' means 'white-water land' . According to the promo notes on the CD sleeve. 'MFA plays beautiful heavenly music inspired by the Northern Russian folklore. They use traditional instruments ...arranged with electronics. " This really is an impressive CD. Some absolutely divine material here, moulding traditional songs from north west Russia with dramatic, male and female vocals, with some modern day Goth influence. Moon Far Away stand in relation to the culture of north west Russia in the same manner as Argine and Ataraxia build on the heritage of their native northern Italy. They also have the talent to select melodic pieces which have a wider appeal. Recommended.

Moon Far Away is one of the many talented folk/medieval groups from Russia. They may not be the most productive bands: their two previous albums, which I both own, date from 1997 and 2000. But if this duo needs a few years to come up with something good as "Belovedie", they may take their time for a next release. On their latest album Moon Far Away is again inspired by folklore from northern Russia, only playing traditional songs. They use many original acoustic instruments, but are not afraid to combine them with modern electronics.
I cannot say anything different than that "Belovedie" is a wonderful album, somewhere between folk, ethereal and sacral/neoclassical.. The music is quite tranquil, with a warm, romantic atmosphere. Possible references are Love is Colder than Death, Stoa, Ataraxia or Rajna. Count Ash knows how to play his various instruments. Anastasia has a lovely heavenly voice, at times supported by the grave voice of Count Ash.
The arrangements are quite original, but this may be due to my inexperience with traditional Russian music. Some of the highlights are 'Iz-za gor' (From behind the mountains), 'Volna Shumit' (The wave makes a sound) and 'Ekoy vania' (What Vania). Most uptempo is the last song, 'Ne velli vetry' (Winds did not blow), with lively percussion and wonderful harmonic vocals, which I would certainly sing along if I understood Russian. A recommended piece of work!

MOON FAR AWAY is widely known in Russia for their beautiful neofolk and heavenly music. They draw their inspiration from the Northern Russia folklore with songs and traditional instruments (percussions, guitar, carillon...) arranged with electronics. They create a religious and solemn ambience. A great revelation!
MOON FAR AWAY is a music project denying limiting borders of space, time and society. It creates mystical and ritual soundscapes in the framework of Gothic music. Behind the consciously faceless visual image of the project there is the desire of the Project members to create a unified audio and semantic image as free from any human origin as possible. No matter how the Project members live or what they do outside MFA, it has no significance whatsoever for adequate understanding MOON FAR AWAY music. A combination of classical traditional European culture and modern select avant-garde tradition, along with technology and mass-media development of modern civilization, merged with strict obedience to traditions reflecting the mentality of Russian North sea regions are the basis of MOON FAR AWAY philosophy...

18.06.05 - Moon Far Away... sicherlich fr viele kein Begriff, so auch nicht fr mich - bis heute. Die aus Russland stammende Folklore Band knnte man am ehesten mit Qntal oder Helium Vola vergleichen. Einmal mehr lohnt sich der Blick auf unsere Nachbarn.
Zunchst einmal muss gesagt werden, dass beim franzsischen Label mit dem schier unaussprechlichen Namen "Prikosnovenie" in der nchsten Zeit eine Reihe von Verffentlichungen anstehen. Moon Far Away sind auch dort zu Hause.
Die ganze Band besteht im Kern aus Anastasia (Vocals) und Count Ash (alle Instrumente, Programming, Vocals). Der Schwerpunkt liegt wie bereits in der Einleitung beschrieben auf klassische Folklore Musik, die nicht typisch russisch ist, sondern eher mit Bands wie Qntal und Helium Vola zu vergleichen wre.
Und so finden sich neben den klassischen Trommeln, auch Harfe, Lyra, Oboen, Leiern usw. Also alles, was man braucht, um sich auf einem Mittelalter-Markt oder bei der Wicca Huldigung im Wald (oder einer Hexenverbrennung) wohlzufhlen.
Die Stimme von Anastasia erinnert sehr stark an die der Qntal Sngerin Sigrid Hausen und der Dead Can Dance Ikone Lisa Gerrad.
Die Texte sind allerdings durchgehend in Russisch verfasst, was allerdings der Intensitt des Album nichts abspricht. Ich mchte die Aufmerksamkeit hierbei auf den fnften Track "[Smert]" lenken, welcher einerseits Instrumental gehalten ist whren aus dem Off eine Frau spricht. Man versteht zwar nicht, was sie sagt (es sei den man versteht russisch), aber alleie die Tonlage ist so voll von Trauer und Wehklagen, dass es einem Gnsehaut beschert.
Ja, Gnsehaut... Moon Far Away ist eine einzige Gnsehaut-Platte. Wirklich sehr schn produziert, dass es ehrfrchtig wirkt.
Auch wenn hierzulande gerade die osteuropischen Bands Schwierigkeiten haben Fuss zu fassen, geht auch auch mir, obwohl ich mit solcher Musik nun garnichts anfangen kann, die Platte tief unter die Haut und es wre fr jeden, der mit den oben genannten Bands was anfangen kann, schlicht und einfach ein Verlust, wenn man in "Moon Far Away" nicht reingehrt hat.
Das beste Album dieser Art, dasich dieses Jahr gehrt habe. Und das kann ich ohne bertreibung sagen und dahinter stehen.

Despues de estar cinco anos sin editar ningun disco vuelve MOON FAR AWAY gracias al sello frances Prikosnovenie. La formacion rusa despues de exitos como "Lado World" (1997) y "Sator" (2000) regresan con "Belovodie" para demostrar al gran publico que siguen siendo uno de los grupos mas influentes e interesantes del neo folk internacional.
Al margen de su llamativa puesta en escena el grupo resalta por el uso de la instrumentacion clasica en donde abundan reminiscencias musicales del folklore ruso y cuya combinacion con sonidos y elementos mas vanguardistas, como podria ser su uso de una sutil electronica, dan como resultado un apacible recorrido por el solemne paraiso onirico en el que transcurren sus canciones.
Un disco oscuro donde los haya, que es tanto capaz de erizar la piel como aletargar nuestros sentidos.
Si te gustan los sonidos tradicionales del norte de Europa con el nuevo trabajo de MOON FAR AWAY encontraras una calidad musical tan grande como solo un sello como Prikosnovenie puede acercanos al resto de los mortales.
Solo hace falta indagar dentro de la propia esencia y tradicion del ser humano para ofrecer el dark folk mas puro.
Joel H. Claverie (Vampwrath, Junio 2005)

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"The Slovisha's Songs" self-released, 1995 (tape)
"Pra" self-released, 1996 (tape)
"Lado World" Exotica, 1997
"Sator" Brudenia, 2000; Shadowplay, 2006
"Witchcraft By A Singing" self-released CD-R single, 2002
"Prutena: Live at Fort Stein 04.05.2002" Fight Muzik, 2003 (live CD-R release)
"Belovodie" Prikosnovenie / Shadowplay Release, 2005
"Lado World / Anti - Lado World" Shadowplay Release, 2005
"Sator" (+ bonus video) Shadowplay Release, 2006
Compilation appearances:
V/A "Dark Ages III" track "A Scorpion Domain" Arborlon Music, 1998
V/A "Gothic Enigma II" track "Praesagium" Triton Records, 1999
V/A "Results, part III" track "To The Heaven Rhuanda" , 1999
V/A "Tell Tschaikowsky The News" track Man Is A Birdstower Exotica, 1999
V/A "Edge Of The Night: Russian gothic compilation" track "December of Times" Russian Gothic Project, 2000
V/A "Triton II" track "Architects Of Immortality" Triton, 2000
V/A "Results, part IV" track " " , 2001
V/A "Exotheque" track Praesagium Exotica, 2002
V/A "Bulldozer Compilation" track " " Fulldozer Mag/ AnTrop Records, 2002
Six Dead Bulgars "Arch Angelsk" hidden track "Fuero De Cuenca" Fight Muzik, 2002
V/A "Colours Of Black: Russian dark scene compilation" track "Witchcraft By A Singing" Shadowplay Release, 2004
V/A "Faery World II" track: "Zvetiki" Prikosnovenie, 2005
V/A "NASHE RADIO ARCHANGELSK Compilation, part I" track: "Sobiraetse Liubeznoy" Nashe Radio, 2005
V/A "ELEGY MAGAZINE Sampler Vol. 36" track: "Sobiraetse Liubeznoy" Elegy Mag, 2005
V/A "ROCK ORACLE MAGAZINE Sampler 3\2005" track: "Arise, You Red Sun" Rock Oracle Mag, 2005
V/A "Shadowside" track: "Zhito Zhala" Shadowplay Release, 2006
V/A "Colours of Black: Russian dark scene Compilation vol.2" track: "An Invisible Step of World History" Shadowplay Release, 2006
V/A "Hatyn: Tacet, Sed Loquitur" track: "Volna Shumit" (version) Stigmata, 2006

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