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Shadowplay Release: REQUIEM FOR FM 'Acid.Death' ARTIST: REQUIEM FOR FM
FORMAT: limited edition, CD-R single, slim case
RELEASE DATE: 15.02.2005
STATUS: in stock


01. Acid Rain (Single edit)
02. Acid Rain (True'n'Acid rmx by Terra Cadaveris)
03. Stilldeath (Single edit)
04. Stilldeath (Annwyn rmx by H42)
05. Stilldeath (Requiem for FS rmx by Forgotten Sunrise)
06. Stilldeath (Device Breakz rmx by Device)

On 15th February comes out new release from synth-goth formation REQUIEM FOR FM. Promo-single of Moscow group titled "ACID.DEATH". Number of copies is limited and makes 200 pcs. It contains two original tracks and four remixes on the most well-known groups from the former USSR.
"Songs about the end of the world, introduced in the oppressive images of the ecological disasters" - so, in a nutshell two original tracks can be described. Now, some words about remix creators. Project Terra Cadaveris opens remix parade. Momentary it plunges the listener into the world of cold tones and extreme bits - weird world-in-one-song, created by Byelorussian group #1. The second remix is represented by Moscow pretty well-known gothic-electro group Hallucinations for Two. The despair of rapidly oncoming Apocalypse fancifully interlaces with thunderous sound of Judgments Day trumpets, thus building up unique music canvas. The next track is represented by EBM's Forgotten Sunrise. Perhaps, it is the most well-known group on the Estonian underground scene. Vivid and straightforward form of their remix rules the roast, steadily marching under rectilinear rhythm - it's extremely dancing! The disk ends with the track of Estonian group Device, well known thru its inimitable mind-bending music. The composition is realized in the best traditions of the epic trance: deep reverberation - fuzzy contours and massive wrap rounding sound. In another words, single contains all necessities for the Judgments Day party.

It's recommended to listening for the 42 minutes before the End of the World.


Was im info des Labels nach einem vielversprechenden Newcomer im Synthie-Pop-Bereich klingt, erweist sich schon beim ersten Durchgang als herbe Enttauschung, schafft es die Moskauer Band Requiem For FM doch nicht, auch nur ansatzweise aus dem engen Korsett dieser Stilistik auszubrechen. Schlimmer noch, sie unterschreitet den gangigen Qualitatsstandard sogar. Gleich die Single-Version des ersten Tracks "Acid. Rain" langweilt mit monotonem, unemotionalem Gesang, schnoder Uneingangigkeit sowie tausendfach gehorten Standard-Electro-Sounds und Billig-Piano-Klangen. Der nachfolgende True'n'Acid-Remix von Terra Cadaveris ist glucklicherweise etwas kraftvoller geraten und zudem instrumantaler Natur. Doch der anstrengende Gesang prasentiert sich anschlie?end wieder zur Genuge, gibt es doch noch eine halbe Stunde lang Remixe des zweiten Tracks "Still Death", u. a. Von Device, Forgotten Sunrise und H42, Das Original klingt indes wieder direkt nach Billig-Electro-Pop aus den 80ern und kann somit anno 2005 allenfalls Ewiggestrige uberzeugen. Bleibt also zu hoffen, dass sich Requiem Ror FM fur ihr Full-Length-Debut darauf besinnen, aufregende, zeitgema? produzierte Songs zu schreiben. Noch its nicht aller Tage Abend.
Sascha Blach, ZILLO 09/2005

The case deserves a mention to begin with, as I hadnt seen one of these trigger jobs before. You press down top left and it smoothly ejects the record to the right. Swissssh! Apart from that there isnt much I can write about this, or recommend with haste, despite it being very cool, because its a limited edition of 200, and I would imagine most went within Russia very quickly. A review is mainly a pointer to a synth duo happily tearing along through dark dance trenches and admitting happily to a Goth relevance.
Youre looking at two songs, acid_rain (twice) and stilldeath (four times) on a remix--filled EP better than half the electro albums going around, and while the press release suggests lyrical torment over an apocalyptic future on Earth I didnt get that at all. They also suggest the music has a brooding quality but from the first piano wink and squidgy synth pulse of acid_rain, with decorative overlay, I found it cosy and delightful. Okay, some lightly tense and delectable guitar shuffles in and frowns, but thats as menacing as it gets. Overall it has a casual pop sense of sidling along, which takes it away from doof territory, or puny electro.
stilldeath is quirkier fun and fleeter foot poppy dance, where the singer has that Morten Harket touch to his delivery, and it reminds me a lot of a slow Take On Me, pushed into a sulphurous atmosphere! Some of the sweeter synth work will also conjure up 80s memories, but the actual thickening of the musical plots and their sonic stirrings are consistent with modern dance and actually far too fluid and, lets face it, imaginative for typically abject Industrial fare. This pair know what theyre about, and the supportive remixes from the likes of Terra Cadaveris (nice name!), Hallucinations For Two, Forgotten Sunrise and Device work well at accentuating the fulsome undulations of their rhythmical promise.
It doesnt actually feel Gothy, and the vocals are often very floaty, but its spry qualities kept me happy on a few grey journeys.
Mick Mercer

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REQUIEM FOR FM battle through life at a quick pace. Withholding comments, we refer to cases from biography of the group:
- December 2003 - The group came out with self-release single shortly from release of Russian national dark stage collection "Colours of Black" and received in musical press mostly flattering reviews.
- May 2004 - Debut in Voronezh. As a result, an avalanche of offers fell on the group. Concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow took place; group was met warmly by public.
- October 2004 - Group participated in the main event of the national dark scene - festival Edge of the Night VII in Moscow
- January 2005 - The year begins with the performance of the remix on the song of one of the most well-known gothic-rock bands - Doppelganger.
- February 2005 - To its second birthday group comes up with the first official release.

The representatives of independent mass media, DJs and emcees will receive disk free of charge. To receive disc, please, contact us by e-mail:

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