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Shadowplay Release: NECRO STELLAR 'Saturating Cemetery' ARTIST: NECRO STELLAR
FORMAT: CD, jewel, slip-case
RELEASE DATE: 09.04.2005
STATUS: sold out


01. Saturating Cemetery
02. The Seven Rays of Da Kapa Preta
03. The Pictures of the russian village (PART 3) - THE FOREST ROAD
04. Clearness
05. The End of Summer
06. Sweetness
07. Stomenov Trip
08. Ori Egun
09. The Pictures of the russian village (PART 4) - THE HORNED HERDSMAN
10. Eschatology of ununiversless
bonus tracks:
11. The Little Song for the Little Devil
12. Dlo Kwala Manyan (Nothing rmx by DJ Chton)

This is the second album of one of the oldest gothic Moscow band that was recorded in summer of 2004. The new release is the next step in work of their own sound. "Saturating Cemetery" is, in a sense, some kind of rarity and experiment in which wide spectrum of different instruments is presented, from Soviet synthesizers to percussions made of human bones. The stylistics varies from dark ambient and psychedelic rock to electro and cyber dark space. The mild synthetic beat that moves to dance rhythm, the classical contrast between low male vocal and ethereal female one. The occult mystic atmosphere gives the special dark mood to the album. This release will be very interested to the fans of dark wave, synth-goth, dark electro and EBM.

most recent NECRO STELLAR's album "Pulsing Zero"

"This work is the fresh view and the new submergence in the total intensity of emptiness, where the principle of inessential being of strange observer structures the nature chaos, where the live is like dead and on the contrary. The music appoints a shape in the place of peace and place of dream, and the dream of life embraces the dream of death. The essence of it lies in the name of the album - "Saturating Cemetery" - is kind of filling of time interval, frozen and immovable. It is the quintessence of shapeless aspect of absolute whiteness, primordial peace and eternal happiness. The music goes round, disappears, thawing like snow, rises again, natural becomes silence and, discovering a new coil, growing, hiding in the simple simplicity of absolute whiteness. Filling with emptiness is an aspect of wandering too, didn't restricted with space ( The Pictures of the Russian Village - The Forest Road, The Horned Herdsman"), where the observer, following just his own heart, doesn't anticipate the motion of things, acting only in conformity with harmony, where words respond to sounds, and sounds to words. Rotation without respond and becoming frozen and still. Without interval, without idea.

Another integral party of the album - is the theme of death, as consciousness of ancestors ( Ori Egun"), presented not as the exploiting of animal mind, and not as the sensation of subtle smell of cold breath anticipating a jump in abyss, but in the Kin Rings of ancestors, in the unruffled clearness of зазеркальной emptiness, where he heaven keep peace in the clearness, where things dance. The truth is in the roots, sweetness is in the emptiness, coming out of Invigorating Genius of the Earth. Intolerable benefit - is over the brink conceivable. Music is presented here in the seven secrets of transformation, where The Red Genius of Devil gives red satisfaction of needs in the totality of the ended. Happiness and sweetness, relaxation on the bottom of the white music in the white clothes. Balance, subordination of life processes the way you want - ies the new aspect of music ( Stomenov Trip", Sweetness", Eschatology of Ununiversless") and truly delight with no reason. The Red aspect of The Invigorate Genius shows itself not only generally, but particularly. Because of it, following the old tradition from album to album, we decided to show the aspect of these particulars, but very certain sides. This time the second song belongs to wonderful in any of ways demon qinbanda petro VouDoo - Eshu Da Kapa Preta. This is the Red Music you may listen and feel with your body. Let your body reflex. Turn your intellectual organ off and give yourself to dance.

In conclusion - the new album not only beautiful narration about transformation of things in emptiness and traveling to Heaven Happiness, but the deep somatic therapy, whose etiology concentrates in goodness not only to listener, but to author himself.
Yuri Zvezdniy
Necro Stellar

most recent NECRO STELLAR's album "Pulsing Zero"

"Black Bottom" self-released, 1993-94 (Tape) limited edition
"The Rill beneath the Ice" self-released, 1996 (Tape)
"Glacier" 1999 (Live in "Tochka" CD-R Release)
"Ice Server" 2000 (Live CD-R Release)
"Dlo Kwala Manyan" limited edition CDr release, 2003
"Saturating Cemetery" Shadowplay Release, 2005

Compilation appearances:
V/A "Colours of Black: Russian dark scene Compilation" track: "Mange Morts" Shadowplay Release, 2004
Moon Far Away "Lado World \ Anti - Lado World" (cover version: "Krug-Koltso" [free cover version]) Shadowplay Release, 2005
V/A "Shadowside" track: "Ori Egun" Shadowplay Release, 2006
V/A "Colours of Black: Russian dark scene Compilation vol.2" track: "Only Moon" Shadowplay Release, 2006


One of the most surreal releases I've come across in recent times. Which means I love it. We said in the past, keep an eye of the fresh and untamed eastern wave as we had the pleasure to discover for you a few little treasures from Russia and the former Soviet lands. Hopefully nobody is gonna hold it against us, but, having experienced the dramatic standardization' of the original dark scene (like in English and Teutonic), this release from Necro Stellar just confirms that a greater degree of freshness characterizes a whole load of creations reaching us from the east. Don't get me wrong, is not that I think that Ministry or Das Ich should be binned altogether, what I want to say is that while the vast majority of our dark heroes' have become utterly predictable in comparison. This doesn't necessarily mean their music isn't good! So, what makes this album tick? A complex simplicity (or a simple complexity?) that boils down to fresh ideas and the talent of experimenting outsides pre-defined patterns. Take Sweetness for example, dark-electro-synth-garage-pop madness complete with operatic vocal insets and the voices from beyond'. Or The Seven Days of Da Kapa Preta, bringing the D.A.F legacy far out to new, uncharted limits. I reckon there being quite an input from popular music in here. On another level, the ability to trace out dark atmospheres, interleaving brighter moments, is remarkable. Stomenov Trip or Eschathology of Ununiversless are fitting examples, giving fans of Cold Meat products something to look out for. Ori Egon will be up your shopping list if you are into the Attrition/Das Ich sort of feel. Again, quite a departure from either band. On the whole, there's little to skip on this album, really. In fact, when it folds at just over one hour and 12 tracks, I'm left with the feeling that it could have easily gone on for quite some time, to fulfill even weirder dark dreams.
Gianfri (Darklife magazine, Германия)

Drugi album najstarszej moskiewskiej formacji gotyckiej. Gotyckiej przynajmniej wedlug wydawcy, gdyz duet Necro Stellar gra przede wszystkim dark wave/electro. Choc niewatpliwie jest to plyta bardzo roznorodna i wyraznie rosyjska. Innymi slowy - mocny, bogaty, wschodni synth-goth.

Primeira e mais importante banda da Russia, o Necro Stellar surgiu em Moscow e traz neste seu primeiro cd, uma excelente mistura de dark electro, gothic rock, Industrial e medieval. Formado por Yura Zvezdniy e Anastasia Podnebesnaja, a banda mistura instrumentos acústicos e muita eletrônica surgindo um som próprio com influências da música russa e muito misticismo do lado mais dark. Vale a pena conferir. Destaques: Saturating Cemetery, The Seven Rays of Da Kapa Preta, Sweetness e Ori Egun. Este cd está a venda pela Wave Propaganda. (Brazil)

This album is the musical equivalent of a cult film. Overall its genius probably justifies how grandiose it can be, since there's nothing formulaic about it and it's fairly addictive. Quivering intros and the rattle of bones give way to whirling-dervish EBM dance beats and guttural, frothing vocals. Through the ominous build-up of cold-wave fog come spiky branches of sound, disturbed flocks of birds, and lost fragments of more innocent melodies and voices. Saturating Cemetery is a great example of creative electronics and a deliciously morbid imagination and composer Yura Zvezdniy's Russian roots are even revealed in it's rich earth. Like a cult film, it can does go right over the top.
Carolee. Gothic Beauty Magazine #19, winter 2005-06, (USA)

Hailing from Moscow Russia, this duo has been in existance since the 90's and have been hailed as veterans of the dark music scene of Moscow. During this time the Russian goth scene was rapidly growing and this band managed to jump into the scene and have been able to stand out in the local scene. It's been several years since their beginnings and we're just getting to know them now in other parts of the world. While the band has been around all this time, it wasn't until 2003 that their first CDR release saw the light with Dlo Kwala Manyan. In 2005 the first official full-length release hit the market through Shadowplay Records in the form of Saturating Cemetary. Along with these releases they've also appeared on the Russian dark music scene compilation Colours of Black: Russian dark scene compilation.
The music from this band goes completely against all the norms and regulations, but yet fits so well into the dark goth/industrial music scene. The duo combines elements of harsh industrial with melodic ethereal and goth elements. In some ways the music is comparable to Die Form and Attrition, but seems to add additional harsher industrial tones, yet at the same time delves into some strange elements that could be Russian folk music. It definitely has the harsh male vocals and smooth female tones that you find in bands similar to these previously mentioned.
This duo was formed by and consists of Yura Zvezdniy (keyboards, vocals, electronics, loops, programming, etc) and Anastasia Podnebesnaja (vocals, backing vocals, text). Check out the music from this band. You can hear selections on the Gothic Paradise club mix, so be sure to tune in.
This band caught me totally by surprise and at first listen I wasn't sure what to think. My first impressions were that the music was slightly goofy and an extremely strange sound mixing industrial with folk and cabaret. However, the more I have listened to this album, the more I enjoy it. It has quickly become a favorite of recent releases based on this extremely unique sound that is presented.
The name of the band Necro Stellar brings to mind a mix of death and macabre mixed with something sci-fi from outer space. Like the name suggests we're thrust into this dark mixture of mayhem with the title track "Necro Stellar" through it's haunting mix of synths, driving beats and deep robotic vocals. The first two minute intro sounds like something from a Halloween special track, yet this pattern keeps going throughout the track. This track sucks you and in and holds you as you really become entranced by their unique style. However, if you enjoyed the first track, you'll love the following piece "The Seven Rays of Da Kapa Preta". The sound on this track is so incredibly unique, it's hard to explain. Once again a short quiet intro kicks it off, but the listener is quickly bombarded with the harsh industrial vocals. But don't be fooled by this initial sound, the bass is catchy and the tones that are added are fun and addicting and really keeps you moving. The overall tone is fun and you can tell these two are having a blast creating their music. It's almost comparable to the punk scene, but in an electro-industrial vein.
After these two incredible introductory tracks we're left in an eerie sci-fi world as "The Pictures of the Russian Village (Part 3)" takes us deep into a spooky sounding alien world. This style drifts along in a sort of space-ambient industrial mix through several tracks in this album. This alien mood is broken up from time to time by the moody musical pieces like "Clearness" which picks up the vocals and fun soundscapes again or the very Attrition-sounding "Sweetness". This latter track is another that is catchy and hypnotic that will leave fans wanting more. But the disc moves on with more of this catchy sound and drifts in and out of the ambient soundscapes.
As the album starts to wrap up we're left with two bonus tracks which are both nearly 200 bpm and what could easily become something of a mix of Russian-electro-punk. "The Little Song For The Little Devil" picks this up first with a sweet electronic intro reminiscent of early 80's electro. In fact many songs on this album are like a mix of Grendel meets The Buggles where the industrial purist kills the new wave star. But this style works so well on this album and I don't think anyone else could really pull it off. After this short little intro it picks up like a tornado with vocoded robotic vocals and the fun electronics and driving beats. This gives way to the finale of the album "Dlo Kwala Manyan (Nothing remix by DJ Chton)" which is another whirlwind track that leaves the listener's head swirling as the disc finally comes to a close.
So there it is, this is something that people really need to check out especially if you want something that is completely unique and unforgettable.
Gothic Paradise 4.5/5

Holle, ist diese Scheibe abgefahren! Denn was sich hinter dem Namen Necro Stellar verbirgt, its ein akustisches Horror-Kabinett par excellence. Ob gewollt oder nicht, das zweite Album des russischen Duos klingt wie der ideale Soundtrack zu einem bizarren Gruselthriller von Tim Burton. Irgendwo im Fahrwasser von Bands wie Das ich, Alien Sex Fiend oder Notre Dame agieren Necro Stellar, die stilistisch einen Sog aus Industrial, Post-Punk, Electro, Batcave, Psychedelic Rock und spacigen Atmospharen erzeugen. Immer wieder begegnen dem geneigten Horer Kinderliedmelodien, Kirchenorgeln, groteske Samples und minimalistische Loops, die zusammen mit antiquierten Electrosounds, Gitarrenklangen und Percussions eine ganz eigentumliche, soundtrackartige Mischung ergeben. Gro?en Anteil an dieser psychotischen Klangreise hat naturlich auch der pathetische, effektbeladene Gesang, der mal aher klassisch aus weiblicher und mal bedrohlich und tief aus mannlicher Kehle dringt. "Saturating Cemetery" ist also nichts fur schwche Gemuter, auf der nachsten Gothic-Horror-Party sollte der Longplayer aber keinesfalls fehlen.
Sascha Blach, ZILLO 09/2005

A strange duo, and a stunning record, this is the kind of thing which quite literally makes your day, from the initial discovery, with the delight it causes, right through to the way you start to recognise and anticipate the crazy surges and beguiling treats on offer. What it is, and why it's made this way, is a total mystery to me, because the Goth content is virtually zero on one level, and yet the magic and mayhem they cause is entirely Goth-relevant. So that's another sign of Russian Goth being so unpredictable that you have to keep a wily eye on it, because it can be so much more exciting than the usual.
'Saturating Cemetery' as an opening track is like the tick-tocking of irate synths, with bells for company alongside rounded, impatient bass notes, and this music fills out with surety and instant intensity, as crunching electro of an edgy, arty sort should. Then in comes this big gruff, totally Russian voice, like out of a doomy historical epic. (Motherfucker Russia?) The music swells sweetly behind him as he gargles along, with tsars in his eyes. It is ridiculously hypnotic and sparkly, but based on a bed of nettles. It prickles and heaves happily and when the quicksilver backing vocals start to scoot about you know it is as convivial as Dvar, but essentially conventional. So, you've been hit by their winning ways, and then you whimper over what's coming next.
It's called 'The Seven Rays Of Da Kapa Preta' and with a waltzing bass and stamping, treated vocals this is more Gothish but like some caveman goth trying be serious and profound only to find once his blindfold is removed he's on a trampoline. (Whee!) Pop to it's bleeding core - but I daresay guess cossack drinking songs were the original techno! - it has stages too, as they purr and boil, then cut into snappish mood. Think of 2 Unlimited splashing through a broken down sewer - Are you ready for Piss? - and it's similar, brilliant fun! Kitsch dance, thrust into the gloom but not afraid of the dark.
'The Pictures Of The Russian Village (Part 3) - The Forest Road' is a magical musical landscape of echoes and enchanting synth all but replicating insects and muffled noise. Then Yura (for it is he!) begins to sing sweetly, making it a less blighted, claustrophobic region, only for it to close in again once he wanders away. The long 'Clearness' has fiendish dance mechanisms having a fit behind slow heartfelt vocals, and the percussion darts about behind the attractive female vocals of Anastasia (for it is she!) who fill the spaces delicately, as they gradually build, then pound and slug you repeatedly before dropping back to dripping noises, and gaseous synth sounds. Well creepy. 'The End Of Summer' by contrast is gentle and chiming with this thunking bass hanging vibrant before our eyes, and it manages to exist with some momentum despite being a bit daft really
'Sweetness' provokes more mad vocals to hang in the air like a perverted wizard, then a fuzzy electro pop dance track starts his hips swaying, and she sings like an ailing diva. With a brilliant 'Dr Sweetness' chorus that is heavenly. And quite mad. 'Stomenov Trip' has deeper, rumbling, dribbling, da-da-da-dum vocals and seeping bass menace. There's also churchy sounds creeping from the morose climax. 'Ori Egun' then breaks out as supercharged dance, but goes all pastoral lyrically, sung in harmonious style, before we plunge back down a steep slope on a synth rollercoaster, which is totally invigorating.
'The Pictures Of The Russian Village (Part 40 - The Horned Herdsman' is wonderfully murky, and remains consistently strange until a very weird, stretched and squeaking ending.
'Eschathology Of Universeless' features more crazed, shifting noise, yet just when you suppose they'll get darker until the album ends 'The Little Song For The Little Devil' steps out as a chirpy dance thing with twitching beats crosscut into its lunacy, and that takes you into 'Dlo Kwala Manyan' which is equally driven, but with divine vocal strafing amid the musical chafing.
You know, it's almost like this record is a modern soundtrack for the film Barbarella, it's that unusual, that commercial - in its own twisted way - and that wonderful. Let's play it again.
Mick Mercer

most recent NECRO STELLAR's album "Pulsing Zero"


"Black Bottom" self-released, 1993-94 (Tape) limited edition
"The Rill beneath the Ice" self-released, 1996 (Tape)
"Glacier" 1999 (Live in "Tochka" CD-R Release)
"Ice Server" 2000 (Live CD-R Release)
"Dlo Kwala Manyan" limited edition CD-R release, 2003
"Saturating Cemetery" Shadowplay Release, 2005
"Pulsing Zero" Shadowplay Release, 2006

Compilation appearances:
V/A "Colours of Black: Russian dark scene Compilation" track: "Mange Morts" Shadowplay Release, 2004
Moon Far Away "Lado World \ Anti - Lado World" (cover version: "Krug-Koltso" [free cover version]) Shadowplay Release, 2005
V/A "Shadowside" track: "Ori Egun" Shadowplay Release, 2006
V/A "Colours of Black: Russian dark scene Compilation vol.2" track: "Only Moon" Shadowplay Release, 2006
V/A "Hatyn: Tacet, Sed Loquitur" track: "Stay And Burn" Stigmata, 2006

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