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4 2021, Blackout ( , )



FORMAT: CD, slip case
RELEASE DATE: 15.01.2005
STATUS: in stock


01. Leaves
02. Looser
03. Killing Machine
04. 10 Years
05. Pain Of Feelings
06. Angel Song
07. Dancing Goodbye
08. Bloody Solution
09. City Of Sin
10. Slavery Moon
11. Winters Misery (Blizzard rmx by Requiem for FM)

"Dancing" - it's a new album of Moscow gothic-rock band. The new material is in gothic traditions of early 90th and was written under the influence of death-rock. There are the beautiful male vocal, hard guitar riffs and velvet drums. The CD includes 10 songs in different rhythm in the same style like Sisters of Mercy and The Marionettes. The eleventh track - it's a bonus track, the result of work with the Moscow sinth-goth band Requiem For FM.

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Wer schon immer einmal wissen wollte, wie die russische Variante von Billy Idol klingt, sollte sich den kuriosen Namen Doppelganger vormerken. Die Mischung its bekannt: traditionelle Hardrock-Riffs, unverschnorkelte Schlagzeugbeats, dezente Keyboards und ein tiefer Manner-Gesang, der die simpel strukturierten Song mit eingangigen Melodien anreichert. Die Zutaten sind also auch bei Doppelganger die selben, jedoch wurden sie hier noch nicht kraftig genug umgeruhrt, so dass das Ergebnis etwas unausgegoren klingt. Dies liegt zum einen an der dunnen Produktion, zum anderen am schwachbrustigen Gesang von Yuri Postoev. Doch auch die Song an sich sind eher annahmbar als arnsthaft uberzeugend. Freunde des traditionellen Gothic-Rock, die gerne auch mal in Werke fernab der gangigen Standards reinhoren, konnen ihr Gluck mit den Doppelgangern ja mal versuchen. Wer lieber auf Nummer sicher geht, sollte seinen Blick schnell zur nachsten Rezension schweifen lassen. Sascha Blach (Zillo, #09/2005)

This is gothic Rock, make no mistake about that, because while they have their little modern touches and a suitably synthy skein of shading, they leave you in no doubt they're laden with guitars and want to lurch around a lot. They also sing in English and are easily the most conventional of the Russian bands I have heard.
'Leaves' allows the modest guitar to nibble at the piano opening, with its synth petticoat, and you know roughly where you are; the bass starts to get busy, the guitar kneels, casually dispensing riffs as vocals flutter. It's more 90's Goth than anything, rather than breathing new life into 80's histrionics, but it goes lightly poppy in its delivery as well, which opens things up. 'Looser' gets very cocky, with a 'c'mon!' but they have the little piano notes alongside the lightly razored guitar so it's sweet, with professorial gunslinging vocals. Very Gawf delivery, full of growly tension, but very polite.
'Killing Machine' is similar in feel, low and loose with a curly chorus. '10 Years' is even more relaxed and serious, despite greater lyrical depth, and there's a clear elegance within its patient percussion and fidgeting guitar, creating a beautifully big sound. This is opulent rock, and although our impassioned vocal host has a mild presence overall, he has an attractive sounding voice, rolling the words out casually, providing all-purpose Goth! 'Pain Of Feelings' provides some haughty drama, until the lopsided guitar comes out fighting with a pleasing ringing tone weaving around. That guitar rings out again over solemn, craftily articulated bass during 'Angel Song' and this is powerful, if anaemic, music, all scooped out and mazy, glowing with vague emotional pomp, and done in a lovely way. 'Dancing Goodbye' is a bit piddley, wittering on with more piano and delicate guitar, and 'Bloody Solution' has some horrible, jaunty europop thing going on initially before returning to their usual state, that of a soppy Mission. 'City Of Sin' has flossy synth and lightly chugging guitar chords beneath some weird vocals, lots of guitar bendiness and jolly crooning, which sets a mini-pattern as 'Slavery Moon' is slower, synthier, with a doomier voice, and the more subtle, sonic pebble-dashing is interesting in this perfumed emotional firestorm. 'Winters Misery' closes and it's a wheezing bleepy remix by Requiem For FM who we will meet in a few days.
Doppelganger have too much lightweight content here, as if trying too hard to please, so I hope they toughen up next time, but it's Goth, it rocks, and it is wholly accessible, which will please any traditionalists out there. They have been going a long time, and have a proud statement which reads, 'We can imagine Gothic Rock without us, but we can't imagine ourselves without Gothic Rock' and hear hear to that.
Mick Mercer

Somewhere in Russia there must be a nest of hidden high quality musicians, which was discovered by the label Shadowplay. After Antisisterss UNZ!, this is the second album I hear from this label and I can only say wow! Dancing is from beginning to the end an excellently conceived album for those into melodic goth-rock, with excellent vocals and well played instruments like drums or guitars. Doppelganger know how to make fans of this music-style happy! Some of the tracks in the album remind me of one of my favourite bands Scream Silence. With a superbly sounding front-vocalist and harmonic fitting instruments, Doppelganger are every bit as good (or even better?) as them and I love these subtle Bowie influences. What is a rarity with the majority of nowadays releases, every song of this 11-track album is stunning and gives away the feelings of the band, who seem to play their songs from their heart, rather than purely for making business. Beware music scene! Here comes Russia, with a lot of talent and a potential to overthrow some of the establishment ricj of cliches characterising the music scene in the west.
Karin Zenzinger (Darklife fanzine, Germany, #10)

Hailing from Moscow, Russia DoppelgangeR is a long-standing name in the Russian gothic rock scene. However, like the general meaning of the band's name, the lineup is just a shadow of the original. The original lineup was started in 1994 by the duo of Andrey Malinovskiy and Aleksndr Klimov. In 1995 they were picked up by the label Metal-Agen/Soyuz for their self-titled debut album. The band continued to evolve and release music with their sophomore album being release just a year later under the title Serpent's Land. The band took a very long break and finally released the maxi promo CD Love is Like Suicide in 2001. They soon followed with their 2003 album ...Desire Lost Forever? and finally the most recent work in 2005 Dancing. One thing this band has done is change their lineup over the years. Nobody from the original lineup is even in the band anymore. The current lineup consists of Elena Vezuka (keyboards), Dmitriy Flo (vocals/bass), Kirill Borman (drums), Yury Nikniki (guitar).
The music from this band can simply be described as moving gothic rock. They combine smooth, deep vocals with solid percussion, solid bass and guitars along with just a touch of synths to add some extra mood and emotion to their music. Fans of the 90's gothic rock scene should enjoy their music. They have an interesting line on their website that I think most fans can relate to: "We can imagine gothic rock without us, but we can't imagine ourselves without gothic rock." Be sure to check out this band and their solid sound.
Despite the fame of this band throughout Russia and parts of Europe, I had actually never heard their music, though I had heard their name mentioned before and had been wanting to check them out for some time. Finally with the release of their album Dancing I got a taste of what this band has to offer. As far as goth music goes, this band manages to release something that is traditional and somewhat expected from a band of this genre.
The album begins with a nice solid number that fans will really love. "Leaves" has that great guitar, solid beat and the vocals to match to drive the melancholy lyrics into the listener's soul. These elements ooze smoothly from one track to another with excellent power whether it's helped along with a solid beat or through a melodic piano loop or grinding guitars. But this first track tells it all, what this band can be and what they've been able to pull of. Unfortunately it's not entirely this easy and solid for the entire album, but it comes close. The next track shows a little interesting twist with a sassy flavor "c'mon". Not exactly fitting for this style but many people may enjoy it with it's strange twist along those lines while still maintaining a solid goth flavor.
"Killing Machine" picks up slightly in intensity and with the nice combination of all of these goth musical elements with a slight edge, but always maintaining those solid vocals over the solid instrumental layers. "10 Years" starts off with some intensity but quickly drops back into something of a depressed and moody piece that the uber-goth can delve into. Along these same lines "Pain of feelings" slowly builds and moves along with extreme emotional complexities brought out mostly through the vocals and lyrical content, but accented by the excellent guitar riffs and grinding bass. "Angel Song" reminds me so much of mid-career music from Nosferatu with the slide on the bass loop and driving guitar despite the mid-tempo beats. Once again the piano picks up and introduces the next track "Dancing goodbye" which is driven along by that moving guitar over the sweet piano. Now we really delve into the extreme goth sub-culture with "Bloody Solution" and all of it's cliche-ridden elements.
"City of sin" is another track right along the same lines of the previous and like the somewhat sassy piece "Looser"... but this brings out one thing that I would like to comment on from these bands that hail from a place as unique or unusual in the goth scene as Russia. You would think that out of a dozen tracks we would have at least one sung in Russian, if not for the interesting twist it would provide for everyone throughout the world, at least it would be something that those in Russia might understand and relate better to than English. The accent from the vocalist on this track stands out a bit more than the others because of the way this track is composed. Not to mention that not-so-perfect english, at least the lyrics are somewhat understandable and better than many other foreign bands. This brings us to another favorite of mine from this album as it begins to wrap up. The title is "Slavery Moon" and is such that the listener will definitely have the title memorized by the time the track is over, but this isn't a bad thing, it's done in a catchy way with a nice rhythm and all the great elements that make gothic rock so attractive to it's fans. Finally we're brought to the bonus track on the album "Winters Misery" which is a remix by electro-goth labels mates Requiem for FM. It's an extremely interesting combination of synths and a super-fast beat (like 200 bpm) layered over a slow, deep and touchingly emotional piece that just works so well in the end and is almost addicting and one that I really enjoy. This just shows what this band and the right mix can really pull off, no matter how strange or out of the ordinary it may seem.
Gothic Paradise4/5


History of the band as it usually happens started when two fellows with kindred spirit decided to create their own project. In 1994 in Moscow Andrey Malinovsky and Alexander Klimov called one of such projects DoppelgangeR that in translation from German means somebody's double'. The other specific meaning of this word is astral body' that separates from the physical body in a moment of a clinical death. Probably that is the name that influenced the further development of the band's musical trend and the fate of the band itself - so contradictory it has been. The first album under the same name Doppelganger was released in 1995 by major Metal-Agen/Soyuz record label. Now we can for eternity debate about the advantages and disadvantages of this album but the fact is that the main featuring styles as doom, gothic metal made this release known in Moscow underground scene. DoppelgangeR remained in the shadow for the four long years in order to come back with almost new staff and absolutely another music.

The band came back from non-existence on the edge of the century in 2000 that was very symbolic. The complete reincarnation happened in autumn 2001 when Dmitry Flo' Tishin committed Yuri Postoev (Gatan) to be their vocalist. So the band with the following line-up: Gatan - vocals, Nikniki - guitar, Flo - bass, Malina - drums moved to the home studio of Max Fedoseev (ex-Wishmaster). Max Fedoseev also helped the band with guitars' recording and arranging. Two months later demo-album Love is like suicide was released. It contained four tracks: Love Magia, Dead heart, Greed, Sins of October. This release got very good reviews and was selected for Russian compilation CD Russkaya Sborka released by music magazine Play! Unfortunately in summer 2002 Andrey Malinovsky left DoppelgangeR. The band had to search for a new drummer and finally Ilya Alekseenko (Drummer) took the vacancy. Keyboards replaced the second guitar in order to achieve more classic gothic rock sound. Elena Kuznetsova (Vezuka) became the new keyboard player.
With the new material the band started playing gigs, had three videos shot, appeared on the M1 TV channel, was on the air on one of the Serbian radio stations , was approved of by the visitors of the famous Western internet portal On March 8, 2003 the band played in the club Avalon at the after-party of the well-known goth'n'roll star band from Finland The 69 Eyes. On March 16, 2003 another video of the band was showed on the TV channels TV3 and NTV+. On May 31, 2003 the album ...Desire Lost Forever? was released at the major record label Misteria Zvuka. All the music in the album except for Immortal Lady was written and arranged by Flo. Immortal Lady was written by Nikniki, lyrics by Gatan. Nikniki was also very helpful while arranging Sins of October. And thanx to Drummer, a good studio with the talented sound producer Oleg Sharonov at the head was found. Nikniki came up with the cover art idea for ...Desire Lost Forever? that was brought to life by Mikhail Seregin, who designed the booklet. The designer of Misteria Zvuka Alexander Novikov gave the whole thing the final touch.
The reviews in the press were contradictory but the album had a great impact on the band's further destiny. During just a few months the band turned into the favourites of the Moscow goths. Soon afterwards the cover of ...Desire Lost Forever? was called The Most Vampire Style Cover of the Week on the well-known gothic portal Gothic Unity. The radio Maximum included the song My Invisible Touch of Your Heart into their playlist. On September 8, 2003 the band appeared in the program Serebro (Silver) of the radio station Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Moscow). DJ's told about the band and answered the questions of the listeners that were calling for 40 minutes. The 3 songs were on the air: The Cold, Immortal Lady and Winter's Misery. Also one of the songs got into this radio's chart. Winter brings many pleasant surprises: On December 17, 2003 MTV showed a reporting about the gothic scene in Russia in their NewsBlock. The reporting included the interview with the band and the review of the bands playing gothic rock in Russia. DoppelgangeR was called Moscow 's leading gothic rock band. On December 7, 2003 the band supported the finnish band Charon. The band Forgive Me Not also took part in the concert. Major Russian magazine about the heavy music "Dark City" called the band Breakthrough of the year 2003. The end of the year was marked by the big concerts in Saint Petersburg and Voronezh.


The year 2004 was opened by the gig at the First International Gothic and Love Metal Festival Moscow After Midnight. Such bands as Entwine (Finland), Deadbabes (Finland) participated in the festival. National gothic portal Russian Gothic Page in their report from the festival marked that DoppelgangeR was the only band playing gothic rock. In April, 2004 Ilya Alekseenko aka Drummer left DoppelgangeR and on his place came a new drummer - Kirill Zhuravlev (aka Borman). On May 11, 2004 indie label Shadowplay released Russian dark scene compilation Colours of Black. DoppelgangeR is presented on this compilation with a song Kiss to My Last Breath. This release consists songs of 34 Russian bands many of which can be called veterans of the Russian gothic scene.
On May 20, 2004 DoppelgangeR appeared in a program Total Show on MTV. The band performed two songs: Kiss to My Last Breath and Immortal Lady, and also gave a short interview. Exactly thanx to this performance was broken MTV's information blockade of deviant' music. In Russia DoppelgangeR was the first among the bands of gothic deviation that paid attention to the fact of gothic subculture existence and due to that the band got many new fans all over the country. Good luck was following the band: concert-tours all over the country, invitation to perform at the 10th Anniversary International Specialized Exhibition MUSIC-MOSCOW-2004. For the first time in the history of Russian underground the band of gothic deviation played at such a significant event. The exhibition took place at the exhibition centre 'Sokolniki' from 23 to 26 September 2004.
To this moment the material for a new album was almost ready and the band takes a decision to leave the major label Misteria Zvuka for a recently founded Russian gothic indie label Shadowplay Release . In November musicians moved the record studio McCartney in Voronezh and within two months the new album was recorded. At the end of the year the band played in Ryazan and Saint Petersburgh and also gave a jubilee concert in Moscow presenting the acoustic version of the old program.
"Dancing" - is a new album of Moscow gothic-rock band. The new material is in gothic traditions of early 90th and was written under the influence of death-rock. There are the beautiful male vocal, hard guitar riffs and velvet drums. The CD includes 10 songs in different rhythm in the same style like Sisters of Mercy and The Marionettes. The eleventh track - it's a bonus track, the result of work with the Moscow sinth-goth band Requiem For FM.
Recently at the concerts DoppelgangeR usually has the status of headliners and is one of the most interesting projects of Russian gothic-rock scene.

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